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Andy Warhol said it best. "Change is not evolution, it's inevitable."

People come to E6W wanting a change, a new look. Something that sets them apart from others, is individual, but at the same time, fashionable, original, and artful. E6W believes that a look is the harmony achieved in balancing one's natural appearance with aspects of contemporary culture limited only by manifest good taste and physical atrraction. Bold, rather than pushy, exciting rather than conventional. "Look Aesthetics" combine the skills, talents, and experience of our individual staff members aka "The Change Gang" and execute them to the varied and particular needs of our diverse clientele. The CG draws its artistic inspiration from the arts, fashion, and pop culture to create custom hair designs that celebrate our clients' individuality.


At ay initial appointment, the CG first analyze and consult, assisting each of our clients with the challenge of exploring new ideas about their physical appearance. Irrespective of our clients' occupations, professions or interests, our CG knows that creating a certain look is paramount since it is an important vehicle which many of our clients use to communicate more subtle expressions of personality, self-confidence, and venture.

Our CG prides its members in delivering to our clients the most timeless and original cuts and styling by customizing hair to provide looks matching our client' individual needs and personal lifestyles. Newly enhanced textures, added body and structure while remaining care and maintenance free are all things we strive for.

Depending upon their occupation, professions, and interests, we generally recommend to most of our clients to avoid dramatic hair color changes. We believe that changing your look can be achieved by subtler means. For instance, adding tones to your existing hair color can help brighten your complexion, making the details of your face more relaxed, rested, and youthful.

However, for those of our clients who, again, because of their occupations, preofessions, and interests, desire less subtlety and possibly something more unrestrained, our CG has all the necessary technical skills and experience to achieve less conventional, more extreme appearances whice are totally bold and very hip.

E6W promotes only staff and client-tested hair care products which meet our very strict criteria for quality, purity, and reliability. Modern Organic Products (MOP) is presently being featured at E6W along with other highly-selective brands for specific client hair needs. Our products perform multiple tasks which range from repaiting damaged hair and ends, separating curls, enhancing body to thin or thinning hair, hair-straightening products, and much more.

Ready for a change? Want to discover something new about yourself? Ready to look and feel better? Schedule and appointment today.

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