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reSurface Skin Studio

by Chris Lane Owner & Esthetician


Our hair creations are inspired by art on a daily basis. Check out our gallery on Facebook.

Cool. Sexy. Fun. Now.

Andy Warhol said it best. “Change is not evolution, it’s inevitable.” People come to Every 6 Weeks wanting a change, a new look. Something that sets them apart from others, is individual, but at the same time, fashionable, original, and artful. E6W believes that a look is the harmony achieved in balancing one’s natural appearance with aspects of contemporary culture limited only by manifest good taste and physical attraction. Bold, rather than pushy, exciting rather than conventional. “Look Aesthetics” combine the skills, talents, and experience of our individual staff members aka “The Change Gang” and execute them to the varied and particular needs of our diverse clientele. The CG draws its artistic inspiration from the arts, fashion, and pop culture to create custom hair designs that celebrate our clients’ individuality.